The Ultimate 10 Essential Poker Slangs That You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what the poker term means? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, as we’ve compiled some of the top essential poker slangs that you need to know! We break down the most important terms in detail while playing poker and online casino games at the best betting sites in India.

Here are the ultimate 10 essential poker slangs that you need to know while playing poker

  1. Airball: Airball or air balling refers to an action in which the player is playing with no real hand or realistic chance of improving.
  1. Ammo (Ammunition): A player’s chip stack is referred to as “ammo” (or “ammunition”) If you run out of ammunition, you will lose your chips. Many poker terms borrowed from the military are available to you.
  1. Busted: Busted refers to the moment when you lose all your money or chips. You can use it in several situations. For example, you could be banned from a tournament if you lose all your chips. You can lose all your money in cash games and you cannot reload. This could also be a situation in which a player loses all his bankroll and is unable to play poker any more.
  1. Donkey: This word is used to refer to someone who is not good at playing poker. There is no single accurate definition of ‘Donkey’ but you will recognize the word once you start playing poker. However, it’s not a good idea to refer to someone as one. Knowing what it means can be very helpful.
  1. Hero: You’ll see the term “hero” a lot in poker videos and hand reviews. The expression does not reflect the character of the player, or his human traits. The “hero” refers to the player whose hand you are reviewing or the one that you are focusing your attention on.
  1. High Society: This term, although not only used only by poker players, has been made popular in recognized poker circles due to the famous movie ‘Rounders’. A stack of “high society”, refers to the largest number of chips in a casino.
  1. Muck: Muck refers to the act of folding. Mucking can be used to refer to situations in which your opponent has a better hand than yours. In these cases, you decide to muck or fold without showing your hands.
  1. Pwned: Another term that originated in the internet world is “pwned”. It is usually used to refer to as “owned”, but it holds a lot more meaning. Getting “pwned” means that you were either outplayed or the other player was extremely lucky. You will see a lot of your chips moving around the table.
  1. Shark: A shark is a player who’s exactly opposite to a donkey. Sharks are people who know the game well and punish weaker players for making mistakes. Shark refers to a professional poker player. This term is also used in a wider context, since a “card shark”, or someone who is well-versed not only in poker but in all card games, is the same thing.
  1. Whiff: If you call a bet made by another player with a flush draw but the turn card does not help you, you have whiffed. To whiff is to completely miss your draw. This is another way to miss out on the card that you want.

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