5 Tips to Help You Be Less Predictable at Poker

Repeating a behaviour or action consistently will make it clear to others what they can expect of you in particular situations. You are predictable. You can make it easier for your opponents to play online poker and live casino games and you will be able to maximize your chances. Don’t worry! This guide will help you to be less predictable in online and offline poker. Continue reading.

These 5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Be Less Predictable at Poker Game

  1. Predictability is a problem: What’s the deal with predictability? It all comes down to information. You have the information in your hand, and your opponent has the information. It’s part of the challenge and fun of poker to figure out what the other player is hiding. Predictability can make it easy for experienced poker players to guess what you are trying to conceal. Avoid playing too often. Imagine that you are a strong player who doesn’t bluff. A skilled player might conclude that you don’t bet unless you have a strong hand. He’ll avoid aggressive play and will simply ignore you.
  1. Preflop raise consistently: A preflop round is a great way to make your poker game more predictable. Each player gets two cards, and each raises the same amount. The preflop bets determine the stakes of the whole game. Your opponents will have less information to help them figure out your strategy if you raise the same amount each game, regardless of how strong or weak your hand is. Your opponents will soon catch on to your strategy and learn from you. If you raise more when you have a stronger hand, they’ll be more likely to follow your lead. You must have the funds to raise consistently. If you don’t want to risk your bankroll, this strategy is not for you.
  1. Preflop, slow play with your strong hand: Slowly playing a strong preflop hand will make it less predictable. It is important to keep players in the hand, who may fold to a raise or cause them to place a stronger bet than if they bet or raised. Imagine that you have pocket aces, and you decide to play aggressively with a call. This is slow play. If you play with big pairs or strong aces, it can be difficult to confuse more experienced players online. One of the most interesting tips for poker tournaments is to use slow play when you see an aggressive player in the blinds. You can lure an aggressive player into making a squeeze play, which is reraising preflop after a raise. Then you could reraise and win the largest pot with the highest hand before the flop. This is not a guaranteed game winner, but it’s an interesting idea.
  1. Semi-bluffing in the flop: Slow play is considered a form of a bluff. Your goal with bluffing is to keep your opponents guessing. You can successfully bluff, and they won’t know what you are going to do. It’s not easy, and many poker players make fools of themselves by thinking that they are masters at bluffing. As they say, learn to walk before running. Semi-bluff is a classic technique that you can try for yourself. This is when you don’t have a large hand in the flop round, but you still make a wager in the hope of getting your opponent folded. You simply raise or place a bet with a draw, which is a hand that has winning potential but little value at face. A flush draw and an open-ended straight are the most popular draws to place bets with. Keep in mind that semi-bluffs can be seen from miles away by skilled players, so it’s not impossible to win high-stakes poker tournaments. It can still be educational and fun to play online poker.
  1. Your timing is irrelevant: It doesn’t have to do with bluffing. It’s all about watching yourself and noticing if you are giving away timing tricks. A player with average hands or slow draws will often place a bet quickly. This tells an observer that they don’t have to think about it and can simply take their chances. On the other hand, players with strong hands may take longer to weigh their options. This sends a message. You can get rid of any timing urges. Instead, you should be disciplined to take the same amount of time to act. This won’t allow you to infer your opponent’s position, but it will prevent you from giving away too much when playing against highly skilled opponents at the top online poker sites. Jeetonews offers a range of poker games that you can play and have fun with.

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