8 Tips & Tricks to Win Blackjack Online

Are you interested in knowing what you can do to be successful at blackjack online as much as you can? We know how frustrating it can be to fail in the blackjack game. It is after all blackjack, the online casino game with the highest odds, so losing the game is a dreadful experience.

Blackjack online is extremely enjoyable, especially during times when the casino is losing and the blackjack table is winning. However, what’s more enjoyable, is watching your bankroll grow steadily regardless of what’s going on in the world.

Tips and Strategies to Win Blackjack Online

1. Play only games that have liberal playing rules.

Explore the blackjack tables to determine the most flexible rules to play. Only play at tables where blackjack payouts 3 to 3-2 (and beware of games with payoffs of 6 to 5, or, worse yet, money). The rules on blackjack are also liberal. If the dealer’s position is soft 17 and players are able to double down on any two cards then doubling up after splitting is permitted. (If surrender is available or offered, then better.) Less decks are more effective than decks with more decks.

2. Learn the basic playing strategy.

Blackjack online isn’t an unpredictability game in which you get your 16 against a dealer’s ten upcards, while other times you just stand. The most brilliant mathematicians have studied blackjack for more than 60 years and what they have demonstrated without a doubt is that there is an effective method to play every single game you’re dealt. The best blackjack strategy called the basic play strategy allows players to cut down your house edge by less than 1% when a player uses this strategy to win every single hand.

3. Avoid formulating the insurance wager.

Do not place the insurance bet regardless of the amount you have wagered. Insurance is a sucker bet. It is a bet that the dealer will have a ten-value downcard that he can pair to his Ace Upcard (thus giving the dealer blackjack). Insurance bets that win pay 2/1, but the chances of winning are lower than the odds of winning 2-1. 

4. Do not listen to your fellow players.

The choices made by the other players at your table will not have any effect in the long term on the odds of winning. Blackjack does not constitute a sport played by teams. Always follow the fundamental playing strategy regardless of the way other players play and how much you wager and whether you have either won or lost the previous session.

5. Avoid progressive strategies.

The size of your bet on whether you have won or lost in the last hand could be a risky strategy. It is best to bet only in the event that there are higher-valued cards than low-valued ones in the pack of unplayed cards. (This is the thing that card counting systems are able to monitor.

6. Don’t believe you are entitled to win

Do not increase your bets just simply because you think you’re likely to win blackjack. The cards don’t care and don’t care if you’re in the middle of losing or winning streak.

7. Do not play on tables that has a continual shuffler

Continuous shuffling machines (CSMs) are machines that shake the cards following every round, resulting in more hands being dealt in an hour (good for online casinos) as well as greater exposure of your bankroll to the edge of the house (bad for you as a player). It is better to play at tables that employ the traditional mechanical shuffler (where players are required to shuffle their cards following 50 to 75 percent of them were played) or in which dealers manually shuffle the cards.

8. Get rated when you play.

Always present your card to the dealer to receive a rating for your playing. The additional bonuses (i.e. comps) you receive will lower the costs of playing.

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Final thoughts

The good thing is that when you use our tips and tricks, you can earn huge winnings straight from the first victory. At blackjack online, it is enough to be aware of the decks of cards that are used along with the table and variant that is played and engage in numerous smaller sessions in the hope of achieving small wins. If you’re looking for a reliable and secure gambling site to play Blackjack online, then Jeeto365day is the right choice for you. Register today here and start playing!

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